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Re: supprise!! real time feedback


No, I'm not a stuff, but just a fun of this service. I'm a Japanese, and I really appreciate this place because it gives me an opportunity to communicate with foreign users, like this conversation. For this year I'm planning to study Korean. Sorry for my poor English, and thank you for your reply!

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Oh..I am sorry


I am too late?

I am really sorry. I knew that you are one of the sayonalas stuffs...

I like conversations foreigner, too. And my English is poor, too.

But I think your english is exellent...^^;

I hope you will know more things about Korean through this website, and will trust positive side.

nice to meet you.

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to c8y3vd


私も現在日本語を勉強しています. 後で韓国語を勉強するようになったら, あの時は電子メールでペンパルでもと言いましょうか? :) (自動翻訳機で翻訳します.)

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